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Ayurveda is the best and ancient Treatment Method in which so many Advance and modern research are added which gives excellent results.


Homoeopathic Treatment is one of the safest Treatment in which just minimum dose of medicine can gives miraculous result. And best for children because of sweet test of children and there are no any side effect.


Hijama is one of the ancient Treatment prosedure which gives excellent and quick response in all kind of problems. All other Treatment also gives best and excellent results with Hijama Treatment. Hijama is one of the best Detoxification prosedure.


Sharing Knowledge with Society

Delivered more than 10 Lectures & Workshops on various topics like Hijama(Cupping Therapy) and Ayurvedic Shiravedhana etc.

In which 500+ students are benefited and gain knowledge of topic to follow best practices in they day to day clinical life

Dr. S. M. Alam is Member of International Cupping Association and faculty member of skill Medics.

Social awareness and Camps

Health is our priority, thus we are organising camps like
- `Suvarnprasana` regularly for 0-15 year children for better physical and mental growth
- Homoeopathic Camps for needy peoples.
- Regularly organising camps for diseases Knee joint pain, Migraine, Skin disease etc.
- Organised awareness camps for Dengue, Swine Flu etc.
- Organising low cost Hijama(Cupping therapy) Camps.



My 7 year's old 'Migraine' is cured using Hijama Therapy @ideaclinicrajkot
Cost effective hijama treatment for hairfall problems. As my experience I got best result by these therapy. Hijama is really effective best therapy. I also taken allopatbuc treatment for 3 years but reasult is same hairfall. No regrowing of hair .But finally I satisfied by Hijama therapy. Thank u so mach Dr. S. M AlamI
Nadhim Hala
The best place to take cupping therapy-Hijama treatment. Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic treatment are also available.
Vishal Patadiya